Verified rapid COVID test results on your smartphone makes COVID rapid test results verifiable. Whether using a web browser or the app, each test can be traced individually by a QR-code. The digital verification immediately serves as a secure access pass proving the validity of any COVID test taken, including self-tests at home.

Digital component added to physical test kit

Through the standardized RESTful API, connects physical COVID test kits with a digital user interface.

A unique digital identifier for self-tests uses QR-codes to add a unique identifier to each test kit. This makes COVID self-tests taken at home digitally verifiable.

Test results on any digital device

No need to print any document. With, test results are displayed on the screen of an individual's phone within seconds.

Digital support for any test

The digital addition for trusted COVID antigen, PCR, nasal swab, saliva, smell or any other rapid test

Verifiable test results
QR-codes make each test kit unique and identifiable – for certified test results
Self-testing made easy
Digital step-by-step instructions make the general procedure of self-testing easy to understand
Endless integration possibilities
The API driven technology can be added to any kind of COVID test and beyond

Who is for?

For Private Companies

  • Digital extension of your product broadening your offer
  • Holistic solution for validated results
  • Flexible digital module
  • Increased customer satisfaction and utilization of your product

For governments / organizations

  • For entrance controls at buildings or events
  • No local infrastructure required
  • Reduced infection rates
  • One interface for all kinds of test tools (nasal swab, saliva etc.)

For individuals

  • Verifiable results for self-tests taken at home
  • Results at hand within 15 minutes via browser or app – no printing required
  • Improved safety e.g. when joining an event
  • Full data protection

Do you have any questions?
We are happy to help.

How it works

With every individual can easily get a digital verification of their COVID test results. All you need is a rapid test with a QR-code on it.

Unique identifier
Scan the printed QR-Code on the test with the camera of your phone.
The timer starts counting. Now execute the self-test following the instructions on your screen.
Depending which test you chose, the waiting time for getting the result is 15-20 minutes.
Take a picture of the test to confirm the result.
Within seconds, you get a verification proving your test result along with the exact time when the test was taken.



Rapid tests with a QR-code from are unique and thus verifiable.


Storing of personal data is optional. Data is never stored remotely but only on the user’s own mobile device.

Adaptable is driven by the PHRT framework. This enables all existing app and web solutions to easily integrate it.

Independent is an independent technical solution that can be integrated with any physical rapid test on the market.


The app is easy to use and shows users interactive operating instructions before doing the self test.


Rapid self tests can be done at any location, at any time. The digital test results are instantly available on the user's device.

Technical details is built on top of Hybrid Rapid Test Framework. The API can connect with any app
or website. The QR-codes can be added to the physical test kit by every
manufacturer (e.g. by printing it on the test kit).

Any App
Any Website Webclient
Test procedure and test result
Hybrid Rapid Test API
Result computing and validation
manufacturer A
manufacturer B
manufacturer C
Physical test-kits with QR-code

Who we are

As a digital agency, we solve problems digitally. is a hybrid rapid test framework which verifies results of any existing self-test product of any manufacturer. We see it as our contribution to solve the current global challenge.

We believe that self-testing is the only logistically feasible way to enable the reopening of businesses, events and social gatherings without risking further coronavirus infections. Self-testing is available and we want to support it by improving instructions, making results traceable and preventing abuse.

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We are mindnow, a bunch of curious minds who are passionate about mastering new challenges. mindnow is a young agency for digital innovation and transformation in Switzerland.
As the creators of the mindful app, we have solid experience in developing digital solutions that help governments, organizations as well as individuals coping with the global pandemic.

Are you looking forward to the comeback of events and social gatherings? We are!

Let’s make it happen. With quick and verifiable COVID tests, it’s possible.